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“Its Like walking on water!” she exclaimed as she stepped off of the board on to the shore.  Another convert, just like that. In a matter of minutes she had gone from a skeptic to a believer, what is this sport? Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP).   

Being that you do it standing up your view into the water is much better than sitting in a canoe or kayak.  Additionally the board draws little water and can be used in very shallow water, expanding the areas that can be explored. Quietly and effortlessly you can glide over shallow estuaries and reefs enjoying the view of the aquatic life below. 

It is a great full body workout as well. Because you are not sitting down, isolating muscles in your body from working you get a great core workout when stand up paddleboarding.  Many people find this much more enjoyable than sitting in a canoe or kayak since you now have the ability to use major muscle groups that don’t get used when sitting.

We have developed kits to make hollow wooden stand up paddleboards.  The kits are precision CNC cut and assemble quickly, allowing you to get out on the water for less money and with a board that you have built.

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