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Tim Niemier
Matthew Weaver

The team at Surf Wood Boards is an eclectic group of boat builders, designers, surf board builders, and most of all do it yourselfer’s, looking to have some fun designing, building, and using watercraft to adventure into the great outdoors.  We are here to help you get on the water with a quality, stylish paddleboard that goes together quickly and easily.  Below is a little bit about the team.

Tim Niemier is the founder of Surf Wood Boards.  Tim also developed the sit on top kayak and owned Ocean Kayak.  His goal at Ocean Kayak was to get a billion butts in boats by developing a product that appealed to a wide variety of people and budgets, he is now taking that same vision and moving it to stand up paddleboards.

James Thomas is a CNC wizard.  The true hallmark of a master is somebody who does something so well that it looks easy.  Your kit will go together quickly and with little effort because of the painstaking hours of labor that James has put into modeling out the details and designing the parts to fit and index together. James is a great boat designer that has also worked on Whitehall boats, the NuCanoe, and other projects.  James also shares a great passion for enjoying the outdoors.

Matthew Weaver is a surfboard builder, a boat builder, materials science geek, and technical support guru.  If it goes in the water Matthew has probably worked on it, played on it, or consulted about it. Matthew enjoys helping others fulfill their dreams of building their own water craft and seeing the sense of accomplishment and pride of ownership that comes from creating ones own watercraft.


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James Thomas